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Work Essentials under $50

With the easing of restrictions in the workplace, how many of you are dreading to go back to work? Well, we got the perfect solution for that. Dressing upwould always put me in a better mood to get through my day. There is a little annoying thing that is in the way when I piece outfits together for work. Dress codes. No skirts above the knees, no neckline that show off your bust and definitely no cropped tops to show any skin. But not to worry, we have the perfect work essentials that definitely will not get into trouble with any HR. Here’s the kicker, all these are under $50! There is no need to break the bank for stylish work clothes. Here are our favorite work essentials under $50!

#1 Effortless High Waist Culottes 6StyleCo $37.90

We all need that one pair of pants we can reach out to when we have no idea what to wear. This is it. As true to its name, effortless, anything would go well with this pair of culottes. Pink not your color? Don’t worry, it comes in white and lavender as well. There will definitely be a color for you. It is not sheer so don’t worry about any VPL! Calling for all the petite ladies out there! These are definitely for you as it ends around mid calf. You will definitely pass any HR checks with this one. This only costs $37.90! You can surely get mileage with this piece as it is so versatile. You can literally wear this from office to cafes and restaurants.

#2 Nadya Romper in Rose Blairwears $30

We all have our lazy days where we are too lazy to pick out an outfit. Add early mornings and groggy feeling into the equation, choosing an outfit would be the last on my to-do list. This is a perfect piece for your lazy days. This doesn’t look too casual as it looks like a dress. The overlapped ruffles detail would elongate your leg and pairing it with heels would be amazing. You will look like you put in effort for your outfit but nobody knows that it took less than a minute. Shh… It will be a secret between us. I will let you in on one more secret, this romper only costs $30. Now, you can look amazing while remaining on a budget.

#3: Bella Dress in Navy Blairwears $27

Navy is the go-to color for our work outfits. When we think of navy work clothes, we would just think of normal navy tops or skirts. But who said navy has to be boring? Bella Dress showcases a different spin on navy colored clothes. It features a ruffled hem which brings out the feminine and girly side in you. The straps are self tie so you can adjust it to whichever length you want. It is perfect for days you want to channel your inner girliness.

#4: Hannah Jumpsuit in Buttercup Blairwears $43.90

Statement colors for work outfits are always a yes from us! Statement colors are known to brighten up one’s day. Buttercup is definitely a shade of yellow that will brighten up your day no matter what.This is for the girls who don't like their movements being restricted. You can move around as much as you like because *drumroll* it is a jumpsuit. The best part about this jumpsuit are POCKETS. Yes, it has pockets! I feel your pain girls, it is always so frustrating to have clothes without pockets. You will find yourself reaching for this piece in your wardrobe so often because it checks off many boxes for your work essentials.

You can style these pieces however you like because it goes with literally anything. You don’t always have to break your bank for your stylish work essentials pieces. We got you covered. Dress up and turn up!

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