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Work Capsule Wardrobe

We spend Monday to Friday, 9-5 at work. That is, essentially, more than half of our weeks spent at work. So, why not, let’s welcome the new work year with a fresh twist to our work capsule wardrobe? Capsule wardrobes are great as they offer you an opportunity to mix your pieces around. You can incorporate your own personal style and current style trends as well. Here are some of our top picks for your 2021 work capsule wardrobe.

#1: Kye Cotton Shirt - DanityRoses $35.90

Every capsule wardrobe would definitely need a good dress shirt. A good dress shirt can act as a basic shirt to layer your blazer over, it can also act as outerwear if you decide to go casual that day. You can always pair your dress shirt with simple straight leg pants and you will look clean and sharp. If you are feeling a little more feminine, you can pair with a pencil skirt to exude your lady boss vibes. A good dress shirt can take you from work to play seamlessly.

#2: Kaidyn Wide Legged Pants - 6Style $35.90

When building your capsule wardrobe, it is always good to get pieces that you can match with and get pieces that would stay in style for a long time. Wide legged pieces are always a good option. Since it started being popular in the 80s-90s, it has never gone out of style. In fact, it is one of the upcoming trends in 2021. The Kaidyn Wide Legged pants come in dark navy and salmon pink. For the curation of our capsule wardrobe, it is advisable to go with dark navy as it is easier to pair your pieces around it. However, for our ladies who prefer something more unique and special, you can opt for the salmon pink pants. It is made out of a chiffon polyester material which makes it light and cooling, which is suitable for Singapore’s weather. You can play around with your pieces with this pair of pants. The possibilities are endless, and that is why it is a great addition to your work capsule wardrobe.

#3: Mavis Dress in Olive - BlairWears $40.90

A dress is a staple need in your capsule wardrobe. You need a dress that is your feel-good dress. A dress that automatically helps you feel good once you put it on. A dress that can easily match your accessories and other pieces in your wardrobe. It is recommended that you go for something that is more of an A-line cut or something that is body hugging that will accentuate your curves. Mavis Dress in Olive is the perfect dress you need for your work capsule wardrobe. It features a thigh high slit which is forever classy despite which year it is. It is something that would never go out of trend. It comes with a waist belt that elevates the whole outfit. You can slip this on when you have no idea what to wear for work or when you are rushing. It would be a great addition to your work capsule wardrobe.

You need not overthink what goes into your work capsule wardrobe. The simple and chic essentials are all you need. The beauty of a work capsule wardrobe is that you can mix and match your pieces and create whole new outfits each time as the pieces are all versatile as it is. Have fun with it and do not stress. Inject new life into your 2021 work capsule wardrobe. Dress up, turn up!

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