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Trendy Fall Colors in 2020

Updated: Jan 4

Gentle breeze of the wind. Leaves yellowing on trees. Early sunsets. It’s fall season somewhere else in the world. It is quite a pity we can’t experience this here in Singapore. However, we can always bring a piece of fall to Singapore. Models strutting on the runways this fall season are seen rocking these few colors. We can incorporate these colors into your outfits to feel the fall vibes right here in our sunny Singapore. Here is our take on trendy fall colors in Singapore’s climate.

#1 Sorbet Pink: Courtney Skirt- Blairwears $36.90

I am pretty sure many of you have different hues of pinks in your wardrobe. But, have you heard of sorbet pink? The name sounds adorable right, I know. On the contrary, the color itself is an extremely soft and romantic shade of pink. It is so dreamy that it brings out the inner princess in you. This Courtney skirt is in the exact shade of sorbet pink. It is high-waisted which gives you an illusion of a small waist. This skirt also features a side slit so you can always show off your legs when you want to. Don’t worry, it is fully lined as well so you don’t have to show off anymore than you like. This skirt comes with a price tag of $36.90 which is a steal as compared to those outfits they show on the runway. What’s there not to love about this skirt?

#2: Olive Green: Mia Basic Bodysuit in Forest Green - DanityRoses $29.90

Olive green has always been a popular color everytime fall draws near. But olive green is sweeping the fashion scene by a storm. Many celebrities and style influencers are seen donning olive green apparels. The verdant hue feels vibrant against the fall season landscape of orange and red. Mia Basic Bodysuit in Olive Green is a good option for us who are staying in sunny Singapore. It is made of double layered stretchable cotton spandex. This makes it stretchable and it feels extremely soft to touch. This bodysuit would definitely help you transition into the fall mood in Singapore with its unique olive green color.

#3: Earth tones: Becky Top in Nude - Blairwears $30.90

We are going back to basics this fall. Earth tones have been worn to the death on the runway this fall. Many designers are taking their designs down a notch with earth inspired hues of browns. Becky Top in Nude is Singapore’s take on earth tones. It features a square neckline which accentuates your bust. This top is perfect for the itty bitty community. It is fully lined so do not worry about it being sheer. This top is the perfect basic essential this fall. The best thing about this is that it is suitable for our humid and warm climate.

Fall is basically the season before we kick start the holidays festivities at the end of the year. It is okay to indulge in these clothes before we start feasting before the festivities come around. These colors can be worn all year round because of how versatile they are. Dress up, turn up!

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