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Steal the Look: Blackpink Jennie edition

We all know who Jennie is from Blackpink. Because, duh who doesn’t? Unless you are living under a rock, you would definitely know who she is. She is one of the biggest singers, dancers and rappers out there . She has stepped foot on many red carpets for luxury brands. She is also the global ambassador for Chanel. Jennie has been serving many signature looks since her debut, be it on red carpets or her casual outfit. She is seen as an ultimate style icon. However, her outfits are generally designer and cost a bomb. But do not worry, we got you covered. Scroll through to see her best airport outfits (because we can’t be wearing bling and diamante clothes everyday) and these curated pieces from us to channel your inner Jennie on a budget.

Outfit #1: Lael Racer Top (White) $29.90 + Myra Contrast Stitch Pants (Camel) $45.90 - Dainty Roses

Jennie’s outfits are all effortlessly chic. Neutral colors and earth tones are a staple in her wardrobe. She donned a white turtleneck with camel pants and a beige coat in the picture. This outfit from Danity Roses checks all the boxes. Wearing a turtleneck in Singapore would definitely raise a few eyebrows because the weather is unforgivingly humid. Lael Racer Top would be a great alternative to a turtleneck as it is sleeveless and high neck. This top is made of a double layered cotton spandex. This makes it stretchable and non-sheer. Myra Contrast Stitch Pants in camel is something similar to what Jennie was wearing with her turtleneck. This, however, has an added detail at the seams. There are extra stitching at the seams so it gives the pants a pop of detail. This Jennie-inspired outfit would definitely be a versatile one. You can dress it down for casual dates with sneakers like how Jennie paired it. Or you can wear it with heels and cardigan for a more formal look.

Outfit #2: Elia Toga Bodysuit (Camel) $29.90 + Brooklyn Buckle Pants (Sand) $39.90- Danity Roses

Togas are a yes from Jennie. It is a yes from us too. Jennie is seen wearing a black cropped toga with her favorite earth toned, beige pants. Instead of a black cropped toga, we chose a camel colored toga bodysuit for this outfit. Pairing a camel colored toga bodysuit would create a monochrome earth toned outfit as it features different shades of nude. Elia Toga bodysuit has a button snap crotch closure so you don’t have to worry about it riding up. It will stay perfectly tucked in as you go about your daily routine. Brooklyn Buckle Pants comes in sand color which is a lighter shade of nude. It perfectly complements the Elia Toga bodysuit as there is a contrast in colors while remaining monochrome. Don’t worry about it being sheer, it is fully lined! This outfit is so comfortable that Jennie wore it for her flight. You can definitely wear this outfit to anywhere your heart desires.

Outfit #3: Darla Belted Blazer Dress (Lilac) $49.90- DanityRoses

Jennie and blazers have a thing. Well, we don’t know what it is, but we are loving it! She would usually don blazers over her airport outfits. However, this, by far, is my favorite blazer outfit of hers. She wore it like a dress that was cinched at the waist and rolled up her sleeves. It just screams Jennie because of how effortlessly chic it is and how good she looked. Singapore’s weather would definitely not allow you to wear a blazer like that because of the humidity and scorching sun. We have chosen an alternative that is suitable for the climate in our sunny city. This Darla Belted Blazer Dress is similar to what Jennie is wearing. It is cinched at the waist which creates an hourglass figure. It comes in a soft shade of lilac and bold forest green. The best part about this dress is that there are pockets so you can throw your phone and money in. The waist sash is detachable so you can tie it however tight or loose you want. This dress is definitely suitable for the office. Nobody would say anything about how short it is and it is fully lined. Darla Belted Blazer dress is definitely the piece you need to replicate Jennie’s signature airport look.

The charm with Jennie’s outfits is that the possibilities are endless. You can wear it however you want and inject your own style in it. You can play Blackpink’s songs while wearing these outfits and feel like the girl bosses that they are. Dress up, turn up!

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