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Spring Trends

We can almost smell the flowers in the air. Spring season is right round the corner. Well, except the fact that Singapore does not have the 4 seasons. This makes it especially hard for us to follow the trends from fashion runways. Trends from fashion runways also include thick coats which are impossible to wear in Singapore. The most we can emulate from these world renowned fashion runways are the colors that are worn by the different supermodels. We have already covered the trendy colors in the previous post. Click here to read. Today we are going to cover some of the current fashion springs trends unique to Singapore.

#1: Ruched Detailing

Emi Ruched Top- BlairWears $31.90

Ruched details have been hitting the streets of Singapore hard recently. Each time we walk around town, we would definitely see someone donning apparel with ruched detailing. Honestly, can we blame them? Ruched details are an amazing addition to any apparels. They instantly elevate any plain apparels. Not only that, it also has slimming effects. Ruched detailing on dresses, tops or even skirts are a yes from us. Ruched detailing is usually seen as sweet and feminine. However, the Emi Ruched top is the embodiment of femininity and sexiness. The soft mesh fabric exudes sexiness while the ruched detailing exudes femininity. It is no wonder that ruched details have been trending this spring in Singapore.

#2: Swiss Dots

Jaeda Swiss Dot Flare Top - 6Style $31.90

Swiss dots are extremely feminine and sweet. Even though they are not eye catching or noticeable, it is the little details that count. Swiss dots elevate every outfit by adding little details to it. It exudes a chic and feminine vibe. You can definitely channel your inner girliness with swiss dot apparels. It is no wonder why swiss dot apparels are trending in the Singapore market. It is a trend that you can hop on if you prefer a girlier style. Jaeda Swiss Dot Flare top is the embodiment of sweet and femininity. It is made out of a soft chiffon material, decked with swiss dots. It also features flare sleeves which gives off an illusion of slimmer arms. It also has ruched detailing which gives the whole look an instant lift. It comes in a sweet pink and basic white. Pair this with any bottoms and you will definitely be the trendy one on the streets.

#3: Tiered Midi Dresses

Ariel Tiered Midi Dress - 6Style $38.90

Midi dresses are like the uniform for our ladies. It is a great option as it is work appropriate and you can wear them out on brunch dates on weekends as well. Not only that, midi dresses that are loved by our ladies are usually loose and flowy, giving it a lovely silhouette. However, tiered midi dresses is another ball game on its own. The tiers spice up the dress by giving it layers, so that the dress itself does not look too 2-dimensional. Ariel Midi Tiered Dress is an amazing example of a trendy tiered midi dress. It is made out of a soft chiffon material, decked with swiss dots. This itself already exudes femininity which is something we want to have when we are wearing midi dresses. The hem is also tiered, which add layers and dimension to the whole outfit. This dress comes with pockets too, need we say more? Ariel Midi Tiered Dress comes in a pretty lilac grey. It would be able to complement any skin tone. The waist is cinched in, but the dress flows out nicely after that. This would give shape to your body, yet hiding the food baby. Tiered midi dresses are definitely the trend to look out for this Spring.

Trends in Singapore this spring are on the more feminine and girly side. Not to worry if that isn’t you, you can still mix pieces around and inject your own style in it. The tip is to have fun with it and incorporate your own style and trends together. That is what’s fun with fashion. Dress up, turn up!

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