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Loungewear Outfit Ideas

Dreading the 9 to 5 life after working from home for so long? We feel you. No more rolling right out of bed and starting work right away at your study table. Going back to work would mean squeezing in the trains with the crowd at peak hours and jostling the lunch hour throngs. Missing the WFH life? Don’t worry, these comfortable loungewear outfits would put you right back into the WFH mood. But one thing for sure, these are so comfortable that they make you not want to leave the house.

Outfit #1 Andie Striped Tee + Andie Striped Shorts Kayelle- $53.90*

This loungewear set from Kayelle is perfect for lazing around at home all day. Not to mention that the material of this loungewear set is so soft and comfortable. Always wondered how clouds feel like? This whole outfit would let you experience it for the first time. The material of this loungewear set feels like fluffy towels. There is a cute little pocket on the top for you to store some cash if you need to run some quick errands like buying food and then jumping right back into bed. To those who are still working from home, this outfit is definitely presentable for your Zoom meetings as well.The blue and white stripes design give this whole outfit a nautical feel. You will absolutely feel like you are on vacation with this set.

*Do note that you can purchase the top and bottom individually at $26.90 each!

Outfit #2: Box Tee (White) + Core Shorts (Acai) Kydra- Top: $42, Bottom: $62

We have all heard about the dessert, acai. But have you heard about the color, acai? It is a shade of deep purple that complements any skin tone. This pair of shorts is buttery soft and extremely stretchy. Matching it with a plain cropped top would be the perfect choice as it brings out this shade of the purple perfectly. This box tee is extremely soft and lightweight. It is almost like wearing nothing, don't worry about it being sheer! We did a test and it is absolutely not see-through. This set is guaranteed perfect for a stay home Saturday!

Outfit #3: Revitalise Leggings (Burgundy) + Tranquil Cropped Top (Ash Blue) MyWheyStop- Top: $36, Bottom: $47

Here is a little something for those who are active but still enjoy staying home. This set would definitely take you from lazing on the bed and jumping right straight into the gym. This pair of leggings from MyWheyStop will feel like a second skin because of how buttery soft it is. No booty? No worries! V seam is specially sewn at the back of these leggings to accentuate your booty. Fret not of any food baby as this piece is of a high waist cut which prevents any tummy spillage. The waistband is extremely soft which provides the utmost comfort when you lounge in this all day! Did someone mention pockets? Yes, there are deep pockets for you to store your phone and cash as you run some quick errands! Revitalise leggings would be perfectly complemented with the tranquil cropped top. The tranquil cropped top features a ruched front which accentuates your waist line. The band around the top is extremely soft to provide comfort along the ribs as well. It can be worn as a top for lazy days at home. This set is extremely versatile because you can wear this straight to the gym after lazing at home. Throw your hair up in a messy bun and you are good to go!

We bet that you would not leave the house in these comfortable loungewear. Not to mention fashionable, if you are feeling productive, you can definitely run errands in these outfits as well. Happy lounging in style! Dress up, turn up!

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