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Halloween Lookbook

Halloween is a huge affair in the states. Trick or treating, decorating their yards with giant pumpkin, dressing up in unique costumes. On the contrary, Singapore is not big on Halloween. However, we can still get into the spirits of Halloween by dressing up as whatever your hearts’ desire. The cartoon character you have loved since you were a kid? Go for it. The special theme of the 80's that you love? Done. Have fun with it. I promise that these aren’t extreme as those costumes in the states. These are toned down costumes that are suitable for Singapore fashion’s landscape. Here are our top picks for Halloween costumes.

#1 Mean Girls: Becky Top in Pink $30.90 + Courtney Skirt in Pink $36.90 Blairwears

On Halloween, we wear pink. Mean Girls is the classic hit movie of the 2000s. Everything about the movie has become an icon these days since Y2k fashion is coming back in trend. However, if there is one thing we can pinpoint from this movie would be the pink outfits worn by the mean girls. They looked so glamorous in every outfit and I bet at one point of time, we all secretly hoped to be like them. This monochrome all pink ensemble would be the best to channel the mean girls in you. This outfit would not be too over the top as the pink in this outfit are muted and sweet. You can even wear this outfit out on normal days if you are feeling pink. If not, you can wear these pieces separately as they are extremely versatile on their own.

#2: Harry Potter: Linen Button Shirt in Camel *ask for price Danity Roses + Small Tie

Which house do you belong in? Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Gryffindor? Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises out there. Halloween costumes modelled after their signature uniform is one of the simplest to recreate. All you need is a shirt and a tie. In the movie, Hogwarts students are seen wearing black robes with white collared shirts and their signature ties. Wearing a robe along the streets would sure earn you weird looks from passer-bys. A collared shirt with a mini tie would do the trick and people would recognize this as Hogwarts uniform. Linen Shirt in Camel from Danity Roses is the perfect shirt to complete this look in Singapore. Linen is a yes from us as it is lightweight which is perfect for our climate. The camel color gives the whole outfit a rustic look. Pair it with a tie, your Hogwarts uniform is good to go for Halloween!

#3: Throwback to the 80s: Faith Glam Dress in Maroon 6Style $38.90 + Polka Dot Headband

Retro fashion has been coming back in trend. When is the better time to try out this style other than Halloween? 80s fashion has always featured polka dot, swing skirts, flare dresses and over the top prints and patterns. Faith Glam Dress would be the perfect dress to throw it back to the 80s. It is red which is extremely eye-catching. It features criss-cross back details which elevates the whole dress. This flowy dress screams 80s. To be more aligned with the theme, you can always pair a polka dot headband or a bandana. You will definitely top the Halloween dress up game.

Halloween is always a fun time to dress up as anything you want. Have fun with it and be creative! We are always here to provide you with options to elevate your Halloween outfits. Dress up, turn up!

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