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Christmas Outfit Ideas V2

Christmas bells are ringing. Christmas carols are playing in every mall we step in. Christmas is literally right around the corner. It’s tomorrow, in fact. With the COVID restrictions, all of us are stuck here in Singapore. However, there is a silver lining to it. With everybody in Singapore, we can celebrate it with our loved ones. We can have gatherings with our family and friends, within the safe distancing limit of course. Here is a list of outfits you can wear to these gatherings if you still have no idea what to wear.

#1: Mira Midi Dress in Tea Rose - The Dress Alley

When we think of Christmas, the colors red and green automatically pop into our head. Red is definitely a color every girl needs in her wardrobe. It is a definite pop of color and it complements any skin tone perfectly. Decked with abstract prints, this dress is an eye-catcher. This dress features an A line cut, so you can eat your hearts out with this dress. No food baby would be seen. This is exactly what we need for a Christmas feast, isn’t it? My favorite part about this dress is that it comes with pockets! Pockets in dresses are a lifesaver because you can slip your tissue or cash inside if you are running a quick errand. Mira Midi Dress in Tea Rose would be the dress to wear for your Christmas feast with your friends.

#2: Una Blazer Set in Rust - DanityRoses

Temperature in Singapore has been dipping. Honestly, we are not complaining. This is the chance for us to layer our outfits. Layering outfits in Singapore have not been very possible due to the crazy humidity. The Una Blazer Set comes in a beautiful rust color. Rust is one of the Pantone colors for winter 2020. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. It will also keep you warm in the rainy weather. The blazer is fully lined as well. It is definitely a piece that can get you mileage. Match this set with a neutral colored top and you are ready to shine at your Christmas gatherings.

#3: Marlow Dress in Blush Pink - 6Style

For our girls who prefer more muted colors this Christmas, we got you covered. Pink is a great alternative to red or green. The Marlow Dress features side pockets. And side pockets in a dress is always a yes for us! The dress comes in an A line cutting so you can hide your little food baby. The best Christmas outfits are always loose and flowy so that you can twirl around in it and not feel constricted after feasting with your family and friends. Match this with a pair of strappy heels and you are good to go about with your day out!

The most important thing about Christmas is to feel good and comfortable in whatever you are wearing. It is the season of gifting and love. Surround yourself with good vibes and good food, of course. And not to worry, we will be here with you through your fashion woes. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year! Dress up, turn up!

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