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Christmas Outfit Ideas

We can hear the Christmas bells ringing. It’s the time of the year where we exchange gifts with our loved ones and stuff ourselves silly at Christmas gatherings. This is the chance to dress up in your feel-good outfits and end this crazy year with a bang. Here are a few feel-good outfit suggestions from the latest trends in 2020!

#1: Piper Dress in Light Grey - BlairWears $42.90

Ruched detailing has been the hype recently. Almost every piece of clothing has ruched detailing injected in it. The Piper Dress in Grey features a sweetheart ruched neckline. This is extremely flattering to the figure as it is able to accentuate your chest area. Calling all my itty bitty community sisters! Puff sleeves are a yes from us! This fashion trend has been seen on many runways this period. It adds volume to your shoulders, making your body shape look fuller. This dress would definitely exude a feminine chic vibe. It can be worn to both brunch or dinner dates. You can match it with a pair of strappy heels and off you go for your dinner date. Or style it with a pair of flats, and there you go for your brunch dates.

#2: Leia Ruched Top in White + Camy Satin Skirt (Lilac) - DanityRoses

Something about satin and chiffon screams holidays to us. A combination of both would be the best way to go about this holiday. It would be the definition of classiness and elegance. The Leia Ruched Top is made out of a smooth chiffon material. It has a slight stretch to it, thanks to the ruched detailing. You will definitely feel comfortable in this top when you are feasting with your friends this holiday season. Pairing this with the Camy satin slip skirt would be the ideal outfit. There will be a slight shine to this skirt when the Christmas lights reflect off it. Soft shade of lilac would complement any skin tone. It also goes well with the Leia Ruched Top in white. You will be the talk of the town this holiday season with this whole pairing.

#3: Charm Me Knot Jumpsuit in Steel Blue

Charm me maybe? This jumpsuit would definitely be charming the pants off people. It comes with an extremely flattering color- Steel blue. This shade would complement any skin tone, like any. It goes well with people who have a dark skin toned, yet goes in perfect contrast with those who are fairer. The jumpsuit comes with a self tie knot, and you can tie it however you like. This jumpsuit is a feel-good outfit essential. It is easy. It is cute. If you have no idea on what to wear, you can just slip this on and you are good to go.

With the travel ban this year, I guess many of us have been feeling pretty meh by staying in Singapore. However, we can take this opportunity to dress up and spend more quality time with our loved ones. Because, isn’t this what the holiday season is about? We will be here with you in every step of the way, for your fashion related woes. Dress up, turn up!

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