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Auspicious Colors 2021

Lunar New Year is a time where family and friends would gather together to spend quality time by feasting and gambling, of course. What’s a better way to huat this Lunar New Year by wearing the auspicious colors for 2021. Here are some pieces that adhere to the auspicious colors for 2021!

Blue: Nadya Ruched Midi Dress - Danity Roses $45.90

Blue is the color of trust, honesty and loyalty. Blue is also one of the most auspicious colors this Ox year. Blue is an amazing color as it has different shades that complement different skin tones beautifully. The Nadya Ruched Midi Dress comes in a pretty shade of pastel blue. It is a shade that is suitable for both tan and fair skinned ladies. The ruched detailing on the bust area is a detail that elevates the whole look as it accentuates your bust very nicely. It is more of an A-line fit. This means that all the feasting during gatherings would not be visible as it would hide your food baby really nicely. Since it is blue, you can wear this after Chinese New Year as well. The dress will definitely get you mileage.

Green: Ohio Gathered Midi Dress - Danity Roses $53.90

Green is one of those colors where it will complement your skin tone no matter what. It goes in a perfect contrast with people who have fair skin and it also makes girls with tanned look fairer. Lucky for us, green is one of the more auspicious colors in the year of Ox. Green is also the color that relaxes us mentally and physically. The Ohio Gathered Midi Dress comes in a beautiful shade of kelly green. It is definitely an eye striking color but it is not a color that you will get tired of looking at. It comes with a self tie sash. This helps in CNY feasting as you can adjust it however tight or loose you want. The neckline is of a gathered detail as well, which elevates the whole dress. You can pair it with any shoes - heels, flats or even sneakers. It is an amazing addition to your wardrobe.

White: Alby Scoop Back Bodysuit - Danity Roses $29.90

White is one of the most basic colors that each of us have in our wardrobe. It pairs well with anything because it is a staple color. Well, one of the most auspicious colors for us in the Ox year is white. There is no surprise here since white is the color that brings us peace and induces calmness and relaxation. It is recommended by fengshui masters to wear white everytime we feel anxious or overwhelmed. The Alby Scoop Back Bodysuit in white is a great option for this Lunar New Year. Because of how versatile and chic it is, you can pair it with any bottoms. Not only that, the top being in white means that you can pair it with any bottoms with a bolder color or louder prints. Animal printed skirt? Yes, it will be able to match it perfectly. Lilac satin skirt? Slip this bodysuit on and you are good to go. It is made out of a stretchable ribbed material which also makes it perfect for the Lunar New Year feasting. Not only is this a great piece for Chinese New Year, you can get your mileage in this even after the festivities because of how basic and versatile it is.

These are all the auspicious colors for 2021. For those who want something more specific to your zodiac, you can search it up online and there are a list of colors to try and avoid for the Year of the Ox. Don’t worry too much about it, just focus on having fun matching your Chinese New Year pieces. Dress up, turn up!

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