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A Guide to Swimwear

Updated: Jan 4

One of the best things to do in Singapore’s sweltering weather is to go for a dip in the pool. Swimming is one of those activities that can be done leisurely at your own pace. It can also be an awesome cardio activity if you are looking for a workout activity. Be it a casual relaxing swim or a full-body workout, you will need a set of good swimwear with proper support to hug your curves perfectly. This means proper swimwear that fits you at the right places and holding you up in the right places. No shoulder straps slipping off, no risk of an accidental nip slip, no bottoms that struggle to cover your butt.

Here are our curated swimwear picks that fits and flatters different body shapes.

#1: Dylan Top ($35) and Bottom ($34) in White AmberSwim

White bikinis is a staple in every wardrobe. It goes in perfect contrast with tanned skin. The triangle cup of the Dylan Top is made for our girls from the itty bitty community. It accentuates the bust, giving the illusion of cleavage. The midnight blue velvet lining at the bottom gives the whole look a pop of detail. It also provides additional support to your bust. This helps avoid any embarrassing nip slips at the pool as well. The hardware on this bikini top is rose gold so it makes the whole look extra girly. The bottom has a high leg cut. This elongates the leg and gives an illusion of slimmer legs. The most interesting part of this set is that it is made of velvet material. This makes the swimwear set extra soft and comfortable while providing the right support.

#2: Charlie Top ($39) and Bottom ($34) in Champagne Satin AmberSwim

String bikinis are my favorite because there are 101 ways to wear it. You can adjust it to how much skin you want to show. This is perfect for girls who are more conservative but still want to look cute in a bikini. Charlie bikini set features a classic string design with a slight twist. There is a literal slight twist to this set, the cups of this bikini are slightly twisted which gives it a pop of detail. The strings of this bikini are of a velvet material. The color of this bikini is champagne satin, which is extremely flattering for any skin tone. String bikinis are suitable for pear shaped body type. Girls with pear shaped body type are curvier at the hips area and smaller on top. The plunging neckline and twist at the cups of the Charlie bikini top are able to draw attention away from the hips.

#3: Haley in White ($79) AmberSwims

One piece swimsuits are amazing because you can get so much out of it. Haley swimsuit in white is the perfect go-to one piece swimsuit. You can wear it from the beach to the lounge. Pair it with denim shorts and it acts as a top. Take off your shorts, and you are ready to jump right into the pool. Haley is perfect for apple shaped bodies. Girls who have apple shaped bodies usually have a wider torso with broad shoulders. The black velvet stripes at the side will give you the illusion of a slimmer torso. This is THE swimsuit because of how much mileage it gets you.

#4: Lola Printed Longline Kimono ($33.90) Love.Fioyo

Flowy kimonos with swimsuits are a match made in heaven. It spices up your entire outfit. Not only that, it is a great photo prop to up your outfit pictures for Instagram. The Lola Kimono is the perfect kimono to match your bikinis and monokinis with. The prints are unique but not too loud and in-your-face. The sheerness of the kimono gives it a little peek-a-boo which elevates the whole outfit.

Swimwear would be the best investment in Singapore with the humid weather and strong sun. Choose something that suits your body shape and you will feel extra confident in it. It will hug your curves in the right place and give you the proper support. Dress up, turn up!

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