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3 ways to Style a Dress Shirt

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Structured fit. Dreamy and loose silhouette. Both of which are 2 different ends of a spectrum. However, high quality dress shirts are able to go from one end to the other. Dress shirts are often a staple in our wardrobe. They are usually meant for work occasions or formal meetings. Even so, they can be worn casually. The trick is to size up on your usual sizes. This way, you can create a dreamy and loose silhouette or a structured fit when needed. Here are some ways to wear your dress shirts casually and formally.

#1 Trish Romper in Beige $36.90 BlairWears

Layering of pieces is a great way to elevate your outfits. However, thick jackets and knitted sweaters are out of the question with the temperature and humidity in Singapore. Dress shirts are, in fact, a good alternative to thick jackets and knitted sweaters. They are usually made out of cotton or linen which is a better fit for Singapore’s weather. Trish Romper is a combination of cream and tiny floral prints. It is perfect for a brunch date or, in fact, anywhere. It features a V-neck and a V-back, giving you an opportunity to show off ample skin. However, if you are not comfortable with it, you can always layer on any dress shirt as outerwear. This way, you can rock out in this extremely cute Trish romper and feel confident and comfortable at the same time.

#2: Kira Denim Shorts $37.90 DanityRoses

Casual chic outfits are the norm around town areas on weekends. Those outfits are meant for days where you are tired of dressing formally on weekdays but you want to dress up for dates. The combination of dress shirt and denim shorts would be the perfect casual chic outfits. A fitted dress shirt with denim shorts is the outfit for showing off and accentuating your curves. An oversized dress shirt with a dreamy silhouette is the outfit to show off your feminine side. You can even choose to wear your oversized shirt, off shoulder by mismatching the buttons. Kira Denim Shorts would be the perfect piece to experiment with the whole dress shirt and shorts look. The thigh holes are not tight, so it gives off the illusion of longer, slimmer looking legs. Psst… this combination is my favorite.

#3: Vera Skirt $35.90 BlairWears

Dress shirts go with anything. When I say anything, I mean anything, even those pieces one might find daunting to match with. Vera Skirt is one of those skirts that people tend to avoid because of its asymmetrical hem. It does look pretty hard to match tops with. However, a dress shirt would rise up to this occasion. A fitted dress shirt would go perfectly with this skirt. The fitted dress shirt would cling onto your body in the right places while the Vera Skirt flows perfectly down your legs. This outfit would be perfect for any work occasion or formal dinners.

The possibilities are endless with a dress shirt. They go so well with any pieces in your wardrobe. A good dress shirt would definitely be the best investment for you. Kye Cotton Shirt is able to rise up to the occasion of a fitted structure or a flowy silhouette. It comes in 3 different colors, so there is definitely something for you. Have fun trying out different outfits with this. Dress up, turn up!

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