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2021 Trendy Colors

#1: Rust: Una Blazer in Rust - DanityRoses $48.90

Temperatures in Singapore have been dipping everyday because of the rain. However, we are not complaining. How often do we experience this air-conditioner weather in Singapore? It is a great alternative for us when we can’t travel. This is also an amazing opportunity for us to layer outfits, without feeling the sweltering heat. And of course, without the weird glances thrown us at by different people as we walk down the streets of Orchard road. Many may think that rust is a more autumn color. However, with the right pairing, it can transition your outfit from autumn to spring. Rust is an earth inspired brown emblematic of autumn leaves, uncharacteristic of a spring palette. Una Blazer in Rust is a perfect embodiment of trendy and comfort. You can layer this blazer on with different pastel or neutral colored pieces. This will exude the spring/summer vibes. Una Blazer will keep you warm and cosy. You will look on the top of your fashion game!

#2: Cerulean: Alby Scoop Back Bodysuit - DanityRoses $29.90

Cerulean, the color that is as beautiful as its name. It is the color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day. With the rainy weather, it is rare that we see the true blue skies. However, we can still incorporate these colors into our outfits to exude the spring/summer vibes. The scoop back is an amazing peek-a-boo detail, that shows the right amount of skin. It is also a bodysuit, so it doesn’t ride up. Cerulean is an extremely refreshing color to add to your summer wardrobe. It complements any skin tone as well. The Alby Scoop Back Bodysuit is definitely a piece you want in your closet because of how versatile it is.

#3: Buttercream: Zaydus Cargo Pants - 6Style $31.90

Buttercream, the color that has been worn to death on the Spring/Summer New York Fashion runway. It is easy to see why. The color is so neutral and easy to match. It complements any skin tone because of its neutrality. Buttercream, is an easy and effortless off-white shade. Zaydus Cargo Pants comes in a smooth buttercream color. It is functional with its double pockets, giving off the utility vibes to the whole piece. Double this up with the buttercream color, it is a definite staple piece in your wardrobe. You can match anything to this, from cropped tops to oversized tees. You will definitely get enough mileage with this piece.

These are just some of the trendy colors of 2021. However, these colors are the easiest to pair with, and it is a breath of fresh air. Play around with colors this year and we would always encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try colors that you have never tried before. Dress up, turn up!

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